Thursday, October 28, 2010

been busy

this is what I've been doing lately! this bag was for an exchange I did through Sew Mama Sew, a blog I read ~ loved making the bag ~ think it turned out pretty nice!

this little zip pouch was made for a friend, Sarah (who just happens to own Happy Knits here in Portland, Oregon and is the best place to get together with friends to knit!). she loves things that are cute and kitchy so I thought this fabric was right up her alley! and it turned out really cute! and ...

... this is the bag that goes with it! love how it turned out! this fabric is the cutest! got it at Fabric Depot ... comes in a green and purple/blue also (at least I think so ~ tee hee).

this quilt is for my friend Annie ~ she celebrated a birthday this month! being a quilter you don't often get quilts as gifts, so I just had to make her one. there are no repeats in the fabrics I chose! and she loved it.

this last project is a little pincushion that looks like a footstool! got the pattern from Penny over at Sew Take a Hike! she's a very creative person and love all her designs!

the little block on the top I got from my friend Carol ~ a bunch of us went to her house for a sewing day, she was giving away all this fabric and I managed to find a couple of pieced blocks! just happened to have the checkered fabric and it looks pretty cute!

I gave this to Annie for her birthday as well! she liked it too!

I've got a bunch more things I've done lately but couldn't post them ... guess I'll have to do it on another blog post!

hope everyone has a lovely day today! I'm going sewing! really all I have to do is turn around and there's my sewing machine!