Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is the first thing I saw this morning (besides my kitties) ~ not the greatest photo ~ but beautiful! It's a wonderous clear day with the sun shining today ~ and the weather man said it was going to snow ~ silly guy. It is cold tho ~ 33 degrees and frost on all my neighbors roofs! Brrrrrr ...

There are a lot of craft fairs here in Portland this time of year and I went to one last weekend and got this cute little bird and tree by one of my favorite crafters, Laurie Romanaggi of Magpie Ethel. She does all these cute vintage decorations that I adore!

At that same craft fair there was a rummage sale too and got that great handpainted bowl for $5! It's one of my favorite fairs, so many creative people there.

This is a shawl I've knitted for a friend ~ think one of the easiest and fastest I've done to date ~ with worsted wool and size 9 needles. Still needs to be blocked and I'm calling it Big Orange. It will keep her really warm and sure hope she likes it!

This little angel is from the handicraft of Kajsa Wikman from her book, Scandinavian Stitches. Her hair is made from metallic thread that I hand stitched in little loops in a really bright pink. Doesn't show up very well in the picture, but she's a cutie, gave her to my d-i-l.
Kajsa's projects are so cute and the instruction are very well written and fun to make.

I have this wonderful, creative and most generous friend, Annie. She knows I love all things bird and so she made me this lovely bag ~ it has two outside pockets and inside pockets as well. Just love it and can put a ton of things in it too! I'm using it for carrying around my sewing projects at the moment, but that could change at any moment to knitting or wool work.

Thanks so much Annie! I love this bag!

I looked at my last blog the other day and saw that I have 15 followers! what a surprise! It's so nice to know that people like what I do and then say really nice things about it ~ I have been really remiss about blogging lately (well really the whole time I've been blogging).

I read a lot of blogs, mostly for inspiration as there are so many creative people out there in blogland and I forget to do my own blogging. Going to try to do more, especially next month as it's my birthday month! I'll be doing a giveaway sometime of something I've made just for it ~ I'll give you more details later.

Hoping everyone is well and looking forward to Thanksgiving.