Friday, May 20, 2011

ACK! it's been too long

I've been lazy ~ about blogging ~ I mean.

Been going to the gym everyday lately and doing good with the food thing ~ keeping track and paying attention to what I eat and drinking lots of water. And that feels so good.

My weight is changing. I can tell by what I can put on. Some pants that were just right are way too baggy and some that were too tight are starting to get loose. YAY!!! But it's so slow going. Know that's the best way to lose weight. I'm one of those people who like instant results and if I don't get them, I abandon that project, weight loss plan or whatever it might be. I know that this is something I can't abandon. It's so important for me right now. Not just because I want to look better, but because it's important for my esteem and my health.

I have more energy, my skin looks great (all that water I've been drinking really does make a difference), that little double chin I have is starting to disappear and I'm sleeping great! And, I ride the bike at the gym and I've read so many books this last month or so, every one of them wonderful!

Still haven't had the courage to put a photo up of me. I'm really sad about how I look and try not to look in the mirror at all costs. I know this is sad and makes me feel sad, but it's how it is. Trying to work through these things as best I can and to be honest about it too.

I'm really inspired by a blog I read. That Girl, That Quilt. She's going through some tough things in her life and she's blogged about it. I admire her for that, it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable, specially in blogland.

I just am going to keep doing what I'm doing and know that the outcome will be a much more healthy me.

Thanks for reading ~


  1. You are not alone! Lots of us out here feel and think the same thing you are. Hang in there you are headed in the right direction!!!

  2. Found your blog thorugh the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway list. But before I entered the contest, I wanted to reply to this brave post. As the person above wrote, you are not alone. I, for one, am struggling with issues of weight and health. I don't blog about this, except in a slightly humorous aside here and there, but it is a daily challenge for me to feel "bien dans ma peau" (comfortable in myself). Sewing or refashioning to create my own clothes helps me to still feel "good" (or at least OK) about myself while working on becoming slimmer and healthier. You might also want to check out the Snug Bug, a great blogger with a fabulous sense of style and an amzing self-sewn wardrobe, who is also a plus size. Diary of a Sewing Fanataic is good for this too. All best wishes to you on this journey!

  3. Elsa, email me your email... I can't respond to your comment... thanks!

  4. SO wonderful that you are hanging in there. I'm impatient too, but this is one that is best to take slow. I am looking for to the day when I can see your smiling face.