Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little bits of my home and a new shawl on the needles!

A few friends have asked me for pictures of my home, so here are a few bits and pieces of it ...
There's Pippy looking all cute! this shot is the sort of pantry ... there's a cool old hutch in there too, not a built in, that came with the house (okay, I asked for the previous owner to leave it and she did). I've been changing things around lately, trying to find some order in the chaos that I tend to have around me. Leave little piles of this and that everywhere and it gets out of control.

This is a built in hutch that I have some things that are meaningful to me and in the hutch are dishes that belonged to my Grandmother ... that old horse clock belonged to my Mother-in-law,
Violet. It's not working but would love to get it fixed!

This is another part of the dining room ... the piece you see here is one that my good friend, Michele, gave to me ... and yes, that is Christmas stuff you see ... I love those things and they are always out!
(Notice that the sun is shining!!!)

This is a shot looking out from the dining room to the living room ... and beyond that is the sun porch and that looks out to the cemetery! I'm surrounded by trees up here, it's so nice!

And, last but not least, the new shawl ... I managed to wait till 8 last night to start it ... love the yarn ... tho this shot doesn't do it justice, the color is much more vibrant than it shows. It's called Mutnomah, after the county I live in! Designed by Katy Flagg of www.hellokitty.net, it's a very pretty shawl and think it will go fairly fast!

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope your day is creative and makes you smile ... tootaloo till next time!


  1. You have a beautiful home Elsa! I cannot wait to see how the shawlturns out!


  2. Love the pics, Elsa! Maybe one of these days my home will be done and I can post pics.

  3. Yay! You have a blog, Elsa! It looks great!

  4. Pretty yarn!
    You need to change your settings to allow people to respond to your comments. Right now, you can't get return email messages.
    I wanted to let you know that yes, there will be another round of the Potholder Pass. It will begin in May. You can send me your sign up info any time--the same info as Round 2. Check out the Flickr group too for more information. Email with any questions!

  5. Hi Elsa, this is my first visit to your blog. I love it, the knitting, the cupcake, your home and say hi to Evan the wonder guy. Impressive knitting he has there, especially for a newbie!

  6. Hi
    It's Melissa from the Polkadot Chair blog... You won the giveaway I just had!
    Just send me an email and I'll get your stuff out to you asap!

  7. Hi, Just found you via a comment on another blog. I'm also in Portland and live near a cemetery! How weird is that? Love your shawls. They're so beautiful.