Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wooly Pigs and Pretty Shawls!

this is the cutest pig I've ever seen! love the curls on it! I'm not sure if it's used for it's wool but I'd just love to squeeze it's little body!

This is one of the shawls I have posted here, called Solis Citron ~ made with Malibrigo yarn. Really love this one ... feels so wonderful on and looking forward to wearing it when the weather gets chilly!

This shawl is the River Multnomah! it was a challenge for me ... haven't blocked it yet so you can't see the lace in it, but it's really quite pretty ... have someone in mind for it! do hope she likes it! I've made one more for a special person and working on another ... just love how it turns out! Again, Malibrigo yarn.

And finally, this shawl is the Swallowtail Hug! it was just a straight knit and got tired of it so added the ruffle at the end! sent it to a swap I did on Ravelry and she loved it! And once again, Malibrigo yarn, my favorite to knit with!

Have a few other things in the works ... a pair of socks with a leaf pattern that I'm really proud of, another shawl for my cousin Tami and a couple of quilts that I'll be posting soon. Really hoping to post more often ... really do love sharing what I've been creating!

Hope all are well and enjoying their day!

Oh, and I'll be doing a give away soon ... so check back!


  1. Oh my gosh. That pig is the cutest darn thing. I want to squeeze him!!

  2. Those are beautiful shawls.

    Thanks for your nice long comment on the Sisters Quilt Show. I'm really hoping to go next year. Maybe we could meet there for breakfast before the show. That would be fun!


  3. Oh my goodness - look at that woolly sheep!!

    Thanks for commenting about my hexies (I'd love to see yours!!). The swap is organised via flickr, the link is as follows:


    Round 2 of the swap is just ending, but keep your eyes out for round 3 sign ups :)

  4. I'm new here, following you : ) I love that brown shawl! And a wooly pig!?? lol cute.

    Beautiful fabrics... my my. Glad I found you!
    in Canada