Monday, September 6, 2010

cutting, sewing, ironing

This is what I've been doing all day ~ luckily I cut out most of the pieces yesterday, so only had a bit left to cut. Making this quilt for a sweet little girl I know ~ she REALLY loves pink, so I think she ought to like it! Now I just need to get it ready to quilt! (and I have 2 other quilt tops to get done too, why oh why do I do that?). Really have a nice sense of completion today. Said I wanted to finish it today and I did!


This sweet guy is King Big Louie Bean (aka Louie) ~ he was being my helper today ~ sitting all over the fabric and walking in front of me while I was sewing. He's such a love ~ finally put him on the pink cushion on the book shelf where I keep most of my fabric and books. I've got two other kitties, but they don't like the noise of the sewing machine.

Today was a very satisfying day ~ I'm so grateful for the creative women in my life and the encouragement they give me. Hope your day was satisfying too!


  1. I would have resisted the white too but you are right, now that it is put together it is clear it was the right choice!

  2. i love the lines in the pink quilt. and your profile photo is beautiful!!

  3. thanks for the the comments! it's exciting to come in and see someone likes what I'm doing! means a lot to me!