Monday, September 20, 2010

Wool Squares, Isy and Fabric

This is what I've been working on the last few days ~ it's a block of the month from Pioneer Quilt shop down in Sunnyside. Actually it's more than one block a month, but because they're so small we get 6 (there's 57 total)! It's been fun to put them together and looking forward to next months blocks ~ tho don't get them till October 15 ~

Here's my little Isybelle ~ she looks like a kitten, but she's really just 2 years old ~ she's a tiny one and she's checking out the prizes I won at the last Portland Modern Quilt Guild! A pretty pincushion, some crushed walnut shells (in the jar for more pincushions) and, because a woman there knows I'm in the process of making a kajillion hexagons, gave me 30 she knows she won't be using! Wasn't that nice of her? But that's for another time.

Last, but not least, is a new line of fabric from Sarah Fieke! Go check it out! Her blog is called 'The Last Piece' and she's full of inspiration!

Well, I"m off to work on a project ~ hope everyone has a lovely day!


  1. I was interested to see those little hexagons come across my blog reader - because I made some of them! Glad you could adopt them...

  2. The Sarah Fieke fabric look so pretty. Will make sure to check out the site.

  3. I love your header.

    Thanks you for your well wishes of my FIL.

  4. Hi Elsa, I think you and I are paired up through little miss shabby's email is k2hansonatmsndotcom :)