Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Isy and the almost done shawl!

Here is my Miss Isy ... she loves to sit on things, especially when I'm taking a picture and when I don't want her to!

This is my almost done Daybreak shawl! so happy about it ... so much knitting and I've used almost 470 yards of the main color!!! that is a lot of yarn (just in case you didn't know), the unused part of the yarn is up in the left corner of the picture. The yellow/gold yarn will be the edge ... think it will look really nice once it's done (which I'm hoping will be today).

The little orange and brown bird is one that I made yesterday at a needle felting class ... he's so cute ... he's in a dish with a bunch of other birdies ... my kitchen is full of birds. Not sure how it turned out that I have so many bird things but I do! The next photo is some more birds and a cat that I needle felted a long time ago and is in ... the kitchen! Found the black birds at a shop over on Hawthorne the little yellow bird is by a gal here in Portland, this is her website ..., the little owl my d-i-l, Brandie gave to me! The little dog on the left was something I found while we were still living in Thailand. The pretty photo was taken by Brandie of the gorgeous roses in the yard where I used to live!

Hoping for a creative day today ... so many things I want to do and make!
Looks like a lovely day outside and hope to get out there too!
Everyone, do something to make you smile!
thanks for visiting!

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  1. Very Cute! Bring them on Tuesday so we can ooo and ahh!