Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yummy cupcake and kitties

This is a very pretty cupcake from Whole Foods Market over on Burnside here in Portland, OR! I've been wanting some cake for a while now and happened to be in WF's ... was going to get a cookie till I saw this cupcake! It was so good and very pretty too! The topping had pretty violet flowers (one of my favorites) ... got to have cake once in a while and glad that I got this one!

Now I'm going to introduce my kitties ... the Bean Family!

This is King Louie Bean ... I've had him for about 4 or so years and he is a dear, tho he can be a sort of pain when he wants attention, he won't give up ... you can push him off and he comes back, sort of like a yoyo (hahaha). If you turn your head upside down, you will see that he has a heart on the side of his nose (it's much more noticeable in person). Since we've moved to Portland, he's much more vocal and he's gotten to be a bully to Ernie ...

This is Ernest Birt Bean! he's a fluffy kitty and is completely and totally obsessed with the sink in the kitchen. If I ever want him all I have to do is turn on the water and there he is! I've had Ernie for about a year and a half and he's the most loving of all my kitties. He follows me around like a dog and likes to keep an eye on me (incase I turn on the water, I'm sure).

This is Isybelle Bug Bean ... she's my little darling. Think she weighs about 5 or so pounds and is the Queen of the house. She's known to chase Louie if he bothers her too much. When I first got her, she wouldn't let me touch her (think she had a bit of feral in her), but since we've moved to Portland she's changed so much. Still doesn't like to be picked up too much but she lets me pet her and she likes to sleep with me under the covers!

This is Pip ... she's William and Brandie's kitty, best friend to Isy and my grand kitty! She's in one of my knit bags in this photo and being her cute self. She comes up every day for breakfast (we live in an up and down duplex) and then bugs the heck out of me to go home ...

Then of course, there's Daphne ... she's also William and Brandie's kitty ... she doesn't care for Ernie or Isy (but is best friends with Louie), so she doesn't come upstairs. Don't have enough room for pictures now but will update with one of her in it!

Hope all are well, thanks for visiting my long winded blog!


  1. Very cute! Mine are feral and really don't like to be picked up, but will velcro themselves to you at any time they feel!

  2. Very nice "kittens" indeed. I do appreciate people taking care of cats, in my country few people do it