Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the launch of my first entry in my blog and very excited about it!

My lovely Daughter-in-law, Brandie, designed it for me ... she's ever so creative! She and my son, William live down stairs (we have a lovely duplex, built in 1911) and it couldn't be more perfect to have them there!

It will be fun to document what I'm doing craft wise. Do various things and love to share them with others!

I'll probably be telling you the tales of my kitties, Louie, Ernie and Isybelle, plus Pippy, who comes for breakfast every day (she's Brandie's kitty).

Do a lot of walking around Portland and like to take pictures of random things ... so expect that too!

Today I'm off to lunch with some friends and then to Happy Knits (LYS) for a nice day of knitting with a fun/crazy group of knitting pals! YAY! love to knit and getting to knit with such a great group of people is even better!

Will post pictures of the day later!

Really looking forward to this year and what it has to offer!


  1. Yay, your first blog post! I can't wait to read more. Post lots of pictures!! :)

  2. Cool, I went in through my DIL's blog and got here!

  3. Awesome to see you get your blog going! I second what Brandie said, post lots of pictures!

  4. yay I'm so glad you started this! I'm ready to read more!