Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Making great progress on this shawl! loving the colors and how easy the pattern is ... tho I did chose the wrong size of yarn ... it called for fingering and I chose lace, which is really, really, thin yarn.

Really loving knitting! love that you can take a string, some needles and make something. Feel that way about most of the things I do ... sewing, jewelry making, stained glass ... now, that's really cool ... taking glass and 'painting'. Haven't done that craft in a long time ...

Really grateful that I have the ability to do the wonderful crafts that I do and that I have friends who also enjoy it ...

Going to feature one of my friends every week and the things they knit!

This is Evan, the 'wonder guy' of knitting! He learned just last August (of 2009) and is one of the most productive knitters I know! Plus, he's a lot of fun to be with!

I have pictures of the kitties that I'll share tomorrow! and a few places that I think are interesting.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! the sun is shining here (sort of) and it's not raining!!!


  1. the shawl looks great! youre making fantastic progress :D cant wait to sit w/you all in HK or some coffee shop <3